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Following the announcement about Teleglobe (UK) going into administration, the JANET NOSC is planning to re-route Abilene and ESnet traffic via GEANT to test that this path functions correctly.

This test will take place on Thursday (30th May) starting at 06:00 BST and the path will be active for 24 hours for both unicast and multicast traffic.

UKERNA is sending this message to inform the research community and offer the opportunity to check application performance over the new path, and it should be noted that some increase in traffic latency is to be expected.

Please pass this message on to colleagues who may be interested, and if problems are encountered these should be reported through normal operational channels.

Below is some information from Rob Evans at the JANET NOSC giving preliminary feedback on the test of routing JANET's Abilene/ESnet traffic to the US via GEANT.

This looks encouraging, and there is also an update from Tim Kidd at http://www.ukerna.ac.uk/awareness/teleglobe.html

  • Sites on Abilene are taking approximately 20ms longer to reach, as we have to go via Frankfurt (GEANT reaches Abilene through a peering there rather than the GTRN peering in New York).
  • Sites on CANARIE are slightly faster as we take advantage of GTRN's direct route rather than the circuitous Abilene route we were taking before.
  • ESNET sites also appear slightly quicker (~10ms), although I'm not sure why, the only obvious explanation would be shorter cable routes, as all the gain is before we hit New York.


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