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This press release is being posted by NeSC released by ISSGC’08 GridCast.

Grid computing school shares teaching resources through digital library and behind-the-scenes blog

Anyone with Internet access can now share all the thrills and spills of the sixth International Summer School on Grid Computing, scheduled for 6-18 July in Hungary. The school will train approximately 40 researchers from 20 countries in the ways of grid computing—a technology that helps scientists tackle complex problems by combining the power of computers around the world to create a powerful, shared computing resource.

In the spirit of shared resources, the school has made all of its teaching materials available to the public via the ICEAGE digital library. Further, the school has invited a team of GridCast bloggers to blog live from behind the scenes, ensuring that the excitement of the school is also shared with those learning from home.

“My experience at ISSGC’07 was profoundly worthwhile and eye opening,” says past student Andrew. Fellow alumni Sandra agrees: “I highly recommend this to everybody who is working or starts to work in the area of grid computing,” she says. “The talks are outstanding and the organisation and technical infrastructure supports the students perfectly.

Those interested in following the blog or accessing teaching materials should go to http://www.gridcast.org/.

More information:

International Summer School on Grid Computing ’08 www.iceage-eu.org/issgc08
The school will boost students’ capabilities for grid-powered research and innovation thanks to lectures, discussions, laboratory sessions and tutorials delivered by leading authorities in advanced grid technology and e-science.

GridCast: http://www.gridcast.org/

The GridCast bloggers produce live blogs and podcasts from major grid computing conferences to show the personal face of grid computing, a technology that enables institutions across the globe to tackle complex problems by pooling their computing resources.

Media Contact: ISSGC’08 GridCast

Cristy Burne - Grid Outreach Coordinator, GridTalk
Phone: +41 (0)22 76 75590; Mobile: +41 (0) 76 487 0486
Email: cristy.burne@gridtalk-project.eu

Website: http://www.gridcast.org/


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