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One of the main goals of the NeSC is to develop and manage a wide portfolio of collaborative projects with industry focused on developing middleware and application solutions in the e-Science arena. In the first instance, funding for these projects will come from the DTI/EPSRC Grid Core Programme. A grant of £3 million over three years has been made available to the NeSC for this purpose.

Full details of funded projects are available here. This portfolio will increase over the forthcoming months.

The NeSC regularly receives requests for information on funding opportunities for project proposals from organisations who are not NeSC partners. Industrial and commercial organisations who are interested in discussing opportunities should contact the NeSC Commercial Director in the first instance.

In our role as the Regional e-Science Centre for Scotland we are also committed to helping Scottish academic and research organisations develop e-Science and Grid proposals. We can provide advice on the technical scope of proposals, suggest links to complementary projects and partners and advise on funding opportunities. There are several funding avenues available:

In the first instance we would suggest that academic and research organisations look to the DTI/EPSRC Open Call for project funding. Full details of this funding are available at http://www.rcuk.ac.uk/escience/calls/. As with all current e-Science funding, industrial involvement is required. However the industry contribution rules are more relaxed than those applied to the NeSC Grid Core Programme funding discussed below.

The NeSC Grid Core Programme (GCP) funding is designed to fund collaborative projects with industrial and commercial partners to develop open core Grid middleware for the benefit of the project partners and the wider e-Science community. The GCP funding from DTI/EPSRC pays the full costs of the NeSC partners involved matched by "in-kind" contributions from the projectís industrial and commercial partners. In-kind can be anything from cash, to equipment, to software licenses, to company effort. Whilst this funding is primarily aimed at funding projects which originate from NeSC partner organisations, we may fund a small number of such projects proposed by other Scottish academic and research organisations.

Full details of the application process for GCP projects are available here.

All organisations should contact the NeSC Commercial Director prior to embarking on any proposal development to discuss their interests and appropriate funding options.


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