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GNT membership

  • David Hutchison, University of Lancaster, Chair
  • Tim Chown, University of Southampton
  • Chris Cooper, UKERNA & Oxford Brookes University
  • Jon Crowcroft, University of Cambridge
  • Peter Clarke, University College London
  • Bob Day, UKERNA
  • Paul Jeffreys, University of Oxford
  • David Salmon, UKERNA - Secretary
  • Jeremy Sharp, UKERNA
  • Roland Rosner, University College London
  • David Williams, CERN
In addition, there are observers from the DTI and core e-Science programme management
  • James Fleming, EPSRC
  • Anne Trefethen, EPSRC/DTI
  • Ray Browne, DTI CII5b

E-Science centre visits

The GNT has started a programme of visits to the e-science centres and this will continue over the coming weeks. Two or three GNT members will visit each centre to introduce the GNT and discuss any immediate networking issues that the centre has identified. We hope to find out about the projects being supported by the centres and introduce the questionnaire which will be used to assess their network requirements.

Applications questionnaire

A questionnaire has been drafted to help the GNT to assess the network requirements of e-Science projects. This will be used as a framework for discussions between GNT members and project representatives during which we will seek to understand the project's application architecture, identify the most significant and demanding traffic-flows and exmine scalability issues.

Contacting the GNT

The GNT is developing relationships with the other centres within the programme, and the Grid support centre in particular. For the time being, please send any questions you may have to the chair and vice chair, copied to the secretary.


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