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UKeS-2009-01Birds of a Feather (BoF) Session on "e-Infrastructure: tool for the elite or tool for everybody?", Alex Hardisty, Neil Chue Hong, Rob Procter, Lorna Hughes, Alex Voss and Mike Fraser, published Jan 09
UKeS-2008-05NeSC III Annual Report 2008, Dave Berry, published Sep 08
UKeS-2008-04GridNet2 Final Report, edited by Katharine Woods, published Aug 08
UKeS-2008-03Science Knowledge Infrastructure Ontology 3.0, Boyan Brodaric, published Apr 08

SKIo OWL-DL Representation (accompanies report UKeS-2008-03, "Science Knowledge Infrastructure Ontology 3.0")
UKeS-2008-02Evaluation of the Matlab Distributed Computing Engine and Distributed Computing Toolbox, Michael Griffiths and Deniz Savas, published Apr 08
UKeS-2008-01E-SciNet Project Report 2007, Dave Berry, Clare Gryce, Alex Hardisty, Cliff Addison, Mark Birkinshaw, Ian Bland and Andrew Parker, published Apr 08
UKeS-2007-08An Evaluation of the Application Hosting Environment, Matteo Turilli, published Nov 07
UKeS-2007-07NeSC III Annual Report 2007, Dave Berry, published Nov 07
UKeS-2007-06An Evaluation of GridSAM for the Engineering Task Force, Mark Hewitt and Terry Harmer, published Sep 07
UKeS-2007-05Workshop on Sustainability and Future Business Models for the UK National Grid Service, by The National Grid Service Board, published Aug 07
UKeS-2007-04Exludus Evaluation for ETF, Christopher Mountford, published Jul 07
UKeS-2007-03Report on Lightweight SRM Evaluation - UK Grid Engineering Task Force, David McBride, Steven Young, Tim Parkinson and David Wallom, published Jul 07
UKeS-2007-02An Evaluation of the CROWN Middleware for the Engineering Task Force, Tim Parkinson, Mark Hewitt and David McBride,, published May 07
UKeS-2007-01Study of User Priorities for e-Infrastructure for e-Research (SUPER), Steven Newhouse, Jennifer M Schopf, Andrew Richards and Malcolm Atkinson, published Apr 07
UKeS-2006-07Report of the User Requirements and Web Based Access for eResearch Workshop, edited by Jennifer M. Schopf, Iain Coleman, Rob Procter, and Alex Voss, published Nov 06
UKeS-2006-06Review of Network Provision for Research Needs, John Duke and Andy Jordan, published Oct 06
UKeS-2006-05A Visualization Service for the National Grid Service: A Workshop to derive User Needs, R.S. Kalawsky, published Oct 06
UKeS-2006-04Information Services for Smart Decision Making: An eSI Event Theme Prototype - Final Evaluation, Jennifer M Schopf, published Oct 06
UKeS-2006-03Report of the e-Frameworks Meets e-Science Workshop, Edited by Jennifer M Schopf and Iain Coleman, published Sep 06
UKeS-2006-02Large-scale data sharing in the life sciences: Data standards, incentives, barriers and funding models (The "Joint Data Standards Study"), Phillip Lord, Alison MacDonald, Richard Sinnott, Denise Ecklund, Martin Westhead, Andy Jones, published Aug 06
UKeS-2006-01UK Engineering Task Force RAVE - Resource Aware Visualisation Environment Middleware Evaluation Report , Anthony J Stell, Steven Young, Matthew Dovey, published Mar 06
UKeS-2005-07Report of the International Grid Performance Workshop 2005, Jennifer M Schopf, Bill Gropp, Stephen Jarvis, Mark Leese, Brian Tierney, published Jul 05
UKeS-2005-06Report of the UK Globus Week Workshop 2005, Jennifer M Schopf, Malcolm Atkinson, Dave Berry, Lisa Childers, Neil Chue Hong, Ian Foster, Carl Kesselman, Steven Newhouse, published Aug 05
UKeS-2005-05Grid Performance Workshop 2004 Meeting Report, Jennifer M Schopf on behalf of the Steering Group, published Sep 05
UKeS-2005-04UK Engineering Task Force Evaluation of UDDI for UK e-Science, Matthew Dovey, Ivaylo Kostadinov, Jonathan Giddy, Patrick Green, Dave Berry, Dharmesh Chohan, Xiao Wang, published Sep 05
UKeS-2005-03UK Engineering Task Force Globus Toolkit Version 4 Middleware Evaluation, Terry Harmer, Anthony Stell, David McBride, published Jul 05
UKeS-2005-02UK Engineering Task Force Evaluation of the OMII Middleware v1.0, Dave Berry, Jonathan Giddy, Mark Hewitt, Tim Parkinson, published Jul 05
UKeS-2005-01Education and Training in UK e-Science, Bob Mann, Martin Dove, Mike Mineter, John Oliver, Rich Sinnott with contributions from the attendees of the NeSC workshop on Education and Training in UK e-Science held on 1 & 2 November 2004, published Jun 05
UKeS-2004-08State of Grid Users: 25 Conversations with UK eScience Groups, Jennifer M Schopf, Steven J Newhouse, published Oct 04
UKeS-2004-07Introducing WEDS: a WSRF-based Environment for Distributed Simulation, Peter Coveney, Jamie Vicary, Jonathan Chin and Matt Harvey, published Oct 04
UKeS-2004-06Portals and Portlets 2003, Rob Allan, Chris Awre, Mark Baker & Adrian Fish, published Sep 04
UKeS-2004-05Web Service Grids: An Evolutionary Approach, Malcolm Atkinson, David DeRoure, Alistair Dunlop, Geoffrey Fox, Peter Henderson, Tony Hey, Norman Paton, Steven Newhouse, Savas Parastatidis, Anne Trefethen, Paul Watson and Jim Webber, published Aug 04
UKeS-2004-04UK e-Science Programme Security Policy, Security Task Force, published Apr 04
UKeS-2004-03Open Issues in Grid Scheduling, Alain Andrieux, Dave Berry, Jon Garibaldi, Stephen Jarvis, Jon MacLaren, Djamila Ouelhadj, Dave Snelling, published Apr 04
UKeS-2004-02IMAGE 03: Images, Medical Analysis and Grid Environments , Dave Berry, CÚcile Germain-Renaud, Derek Hill, Steve Pieper, Joel Saltz, published Mar 04
UKeS-2004-01Towards tractable toolkits for the Grid: a plea for lightweight, usable middleware., Jonathan Chin, Peter V. Coveney, published Feb 04
UKeS-2003-04Grid Information Systems 2003 (Draft), Rob Allan, Dharmesh Chohan, Xiao Dong Wang, Andy Richards, Mark McKeown, John Colgrave, Matthew Dovey, Mark Baker, Steve Fisher, published Dec 03
UKeS-2003-03The Virtual Observatory as a Data Grid, Bob Mann, Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh, National e-Science Centre , published Sep 03
UKeS-2003-02UK Experience with OGSA , Dave Berry Research Manager, NeSC, published Sep 03
UKeS-2003-01e-Science Gap Analysis, Geoffrey Fox, Indiana University David Walker, Cardiff University , published Jun 03
UKeS-2002-06Scientific Data Mining, Integration and Visualisation, Bob Mann, Roy Williams, Malcolm Atkinson, Ken Brodlie, Amos Storkey, Chris Williams, published Nov 02
UKeS-2002-05A Rough Guide to Grid Security, Mike Surridge, published Sep 02
UKeS-2002-04Multi-Site Videoconferencing for the UK e-Science Programme, Stephen Booth, John Brooke, Kate Caldwell, Liz Carver, Michael Daw, David De Roure, Alan Flavell, Philippe Galvez, Brian Gilmore, Henry Hughes, Ben Juby, Ivan Judson, Jim Miller, Harvey Newman, Chris Osland, Sue Rogers, published Oct 02
UKeS-2002-03Database Access and Integration Services on the Grid, Norman W Paton, Malcolm P Atkinson, Vijay Dialani, Dave Pearson, Tony Storey, Paul Watson, published Feb 02
UKeS-2002-02Research Agenda for the Semantic Grid: A Future e-Science Infrastructure, David De Roure, Nicholas Jennings, Nigel Shadbolt, published Dec 01
UKeS-2002-01Databases and the Grid, Paul Watson, published Dec 01


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